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 email: chessadare@yahoo.co.uk    tel: (061) 395374,  087-6794211
 Postal address: ChessZ, Kerry Rd, Adare, Co Limerick, IRELAND
 Payment with Order, please !

Payment, Post and Packing Prices quoted are for IRELAND ONLY.
   Max P&P price is €8 max.     For International enquiries, please email us ... chessadare@yahoo.co.uk

Regular Draughts Pieces
  Buy one set to see if they suit. The Darker pieces can be Red or Black
  25mm Diameter, 6mm high. Board not included.
  €5 for one set of pieces + €2 P&P

                                                                                                         One set only
                                                                                                          €7 total Incl. P&P

                                                                                                         Multiple Sets
                                                                                                         €5  each + €8 P&P


Tournament Sets (Boards & Pieces)
  Boards and pieces
  The boards (c17 inches square) are made of vinyl, and are best stored flat. Squares are c 48mm x 48mm.
   Piece heights are c8mm, Diameter is c30mm. Pieces come in a plastic bag.

                                                                                            Buy one,  €15  P&P Included    

                                                                                           Buy many, €12 each + €8 P&P

   Green-White 17" sq Board + Pieces: €12                                                                       

Tournament Pieces only
 €8 each set of pieces, No Board (12 pieces of each colour In a plastic bag)   

   Buy one set only
  €12 P&P included

   Buy Multiple sets
                                                                                                    €8 each + €8 P&P

Boards only
 (Boards are c17 inches square, squares are c48mm each side, made of Vinyl)

                                                                          Buy one board only,
                                                                            €8 including delivery

                                                                         Buy Multiple Boards
                                                                            €5 each Plus €8 P&P

                         Green / White Boards: €5                                  

Draughts            Board, Red / White Pieces
Demonstration  Board, Black / White Pieces     
 €50, P&P is €8
 Board Dimensions: c30ins x 25ins. Board is vinyl, and pieces are plastic
 Each piece has a stub which plugs into a cut-out on each square.
 Piece colours available in Black/White or Red/White ... please say which.
 12 men and 6 Kings per colour.
 Squares are NOT numbered, but can be ordered for an extra €15 !
 Lightweight, hangs on a small nail. Black Carry Bag included

Carry Bag

 Red / White Pieces                         Numbered squares are NOT included


 Example With Kings: Showing how to win with 3 vs 2

Demo Board Pieces only
 (you might have a Demo Board already)
 €25 + €6 P&P



Draughts Score Books
  21 Games per stapled book, A5 size
  80 moves per game with Diagram
  3 Books for €10,  Postage FREE

 Cover design can be customised for €10+


Game Timers


  GARDE-start, digital clock
   Standard clock with optional Fischer time-increment
    remembers last setting
   Soft/quiet switching action with paddle switch
 ONLY €33      €8 p&p for any quantity  
NOTE: Numbered
Squares are €15
extra. Email us if
you want them,
 Red & White Pieces

Black & White Piece
3 Score books, €10
postage included
€33 each
€8 P&P